Sunwest Silver Co creates Liquid Silver jewelry lines that can be customized to suit your brand. Liquid Silver jewelry is a popular staple in the Southwest that is gaining world-wide momentum. Combine with stone beads, crystals, shells, charms or other elements, or create jewelry with single & multiple strands for layering or elegant, chic stand alone pieces. There is literally no limit to the possibilities, and our experienced design & development team can provide for your needs all the way through final production of your unique, branded line.

Pam Gautreau runs our Beading & Stringing Department at Sunwest Silver, and you can contact her directly to discuss your ideas for your custom lines in Liquid Silver, OxyBead and hand-strung stone beaded jewelry. Pam has been heading up all things beaded & strung at Sunwest Silver Co for 23 years, and has grown it into a significant design & production hub. Pam’s department specializes in customized design & product line development for handmade beaded products. Contact Pam for more information at 1-800-771-3781 or