Kingman Turquoise Dragonfly Earrings FJE1695

Length: 1 1/2"
Width: 1"
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Kingman Turquoise
Sterling Silver & Kingman Turquoise from Arizona are stunning in these delightful dragonfly earrings by Diné silversmith Darrin Livingston.

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Price: $180.00

Availability: In stock

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The meaning of the dragonfly as a symbol in the mythology of the Pueblo tribes differs. It is considered to be a medicine animal, a symbol of water, and a spirit associated with healing and protection. The dragonfly symbol is frequently seen in sacred sand paintings.

As an ancient symbol, it is fitting to find it with Kingman Turquoise. Stone hammers found in the Mohave County, northwest of Kingman, AZ prove that Kingman turquoise was first mined by Native Americans as early as 600 a.d. Kingman Turquoise is a classic American Turquoise. The Arizona turquoise mine became famous for its nuggets, which few mines produce. Today, Kingman Turquoise is highly prized and sought after by collectors everywhere, and it's one of the more easily recognized American Turquoises.

Authentic Native American Handmade Jewelry

Darrin Livingston resides in Church Rock, New Mexico, where he has lived most of his life. He currently lives there with his family. Church Rock is where his father and grandfather are from also; this is where he learned his silversmith trade at the age of thirteen. He attended public high school, which he enjoyed, and after graduating he really got serious with the silversmith trade and earned a living from it.A hallmark of Darrin’s jewelry is how is how precisely each piece is constructed and finished. We call this how “clean” the workmanship is. The stones are evenly set into tight fine silver bezels. There are no sharp edges or other careless craftsmanship. His pieces are obviously the work of an artist who takes no shortcuts and whose care for quality of every piece that leaves his studio is professional and complete.From the simplest single stone pendant to the advance design and crafting of a mulit-stone dragonfly necklace, Darrin’s work reflect the best traditional of Navajo silver work and pride.

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