Turquoise earrings are not only stunning, but flattering, and Sunwest Silver Company, Inc. is excited to provide an exquisite collection of jewelry in Albuquerque. Our turquoise earrings feature authentic stones set in a variety of settings. They are crafted with acute attention to detail, and will last as a timeless staple in your jewelry box.

An Array of Choices

Sunwest Silver has a huge collection of turquoise earrings in all types of settings imaginable: hoop, dangle, studs, drop, inlay, beaded, and more. We can also custom make any designs if you have an idea of your own! Most of our earring are set in silver or sterling silver, which is the most complementary to turquoise, and what it is most traditionally set in. We also have access to dozens of types of turquoise stones, from the most popular to the extremely rare.

Authentic Native American Design

At Sunwest Silver Company, Inc., our turquoise earrings are designed, and skillfully crafted by well-known Native American artists from New Mexico. Each artist pays scrupulous attention to each pair of earrings, and each pair is its own masterpiece. Our artists are celebrated silversmiths, beaders, and stone workers, and they use methods that have been passed down through the generations to make the finest jewelry. You can trust that you are buying the best and most authentic turquoise earrings when you choose Sunwest Silver.

One of a Kind

Each pair of earrings is unique and one of a kind. From the individual stones, to the detailed silver work, you can trust that no one else will have earrings just like yours. Each pair has its own story, rooted in tradition and history. Our turquoise earring are never mass produced, and every detail is scrutinized and meticulously considered.

Sunwest Silver Company, Inc. in Albuquerque, NM is your best resource for quality turquoise earrings and jewelry that meet the highest standards of perfection.