Sterling Silver Navajo Heart Earrings FJE0938

Measurements: 2.25" x 1.50"
Length: 2.25"
Width: 1.50"
Metal: Sterling Silver
Height: .25"
Delightful Sterling Silver hand-stamped post earrings, with fluted concho tops and a heart dangle, by Diné silversmith Vincent Platero.

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Price: $180.00

Availability: In stock

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<p>These hand-stamped heart earrings with fluted concho tops, are an example of traditional Navajo repouss&eacute; metalworking techniques. In repouss&eacute;, the metal is softened and hammered by hand from the reverse side, to create the low-relief pattern on the front side of the piece. Vincent Platero is a Navajo silversmith who is very popular in the Southwest for his intricate repouss&eacute; designs.</p>
<p>Navajo silversmiths are renowned for their intricate, detailed stamp work, a style developed over many generations. Stamping is done by hand, and the stamps themselves may be unique to the artist, or handed in a family of silversmiths.</p>
<p>Enquire at Sunwest Silver Co to order multiples or customize designs for your brand or storefront.</p>

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

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