Dyed Mexican Green Turquoise Earrings FJE1246

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Mexican Turquoise - Dyed
Dyed Mexican Green turquoise earrings surrounded by a handstamped Sterling Silver design. Handmade by Diné silversmiths Michael and Rosita Calladitto.

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Availability: In stock

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Navajo silversmiths are renowned for their intricate, detailed stamp work, a style developed over many generations. Stamping is done by hand, and the stamps themselves are often times unique to the artist or are handed down from generations of silversmiths.

Mexico is home to many bountiful Turquoise mines producing beautiful, hard stone with a variety of green and blue hues. Some of the mines produce on a large scale and others on a smaller, much more local scale. Due to the variances in the locations and ownership of the mines not much information is available on locale.

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Michael Calladitto is best known for traditional Navajo style jewelry using Sterling Silver & turquoise with deeply stamped designs. He loves working with turquoise and says that the stone make him more creative and skillful at the bench. Michael makes most of the decorative stamps he uses to make his jewelry by hand from the tempered steel of old car engines. Using old parts from piston rods to valve stems, he carefully cuts designs into the steel using tiny files and other tools to produce his personal stamps.Brought up on the reservation in the village of Pruitt, New Mexico and born to the Meadow People Clan, Michael is also part Apache. Raised primarily by his Grandparents, Michael draws inspiration from the same remote and wild places his Grandmother, a well-respected natural healer, took him to when he was young.

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