Navajo White Buffalo Necklace FJN1627

Details: Cluster jewelry is a traditional Navajo style of arranging stones that has been used by Pueblo silversmiths for many generations. Clusters might be in rows, or organically arranging softer, natural stone shapes. The trade name “White Buffalo” is used to identify this beautiful stone coming out of Tonopah, Nevada. The Otteson mining family owns the mine where the white stone grows, surrounded by black chert which creates beautiful patterns, and sometimes in rare and more expensive pieces, a spider-web matrix. The stone grows in veins, is hard and cuts like turquoise, but is not technically turquoise, and is generally referred to as “White Buffalo”. There are other times you will hear the term “White Buffalo Turquoise” which can be incorrectly used to refer to Magnesite or Howlite, calcite and quartz materials.
Measurements: Pendant 3 1/4”h x 3”w
Metal: Sterling Silver
Length: 26 1/4”
Traditional and timeless, this cluster style pendant necklace by Navajo silversmith Kathleen Chavez, features hand-cut White Buffalo stones in graduating sizes.
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