Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace FJN1960

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: New Lander

Twisted wire and Sterling Silver drops are combined here with New Lander chalcosiderite from Nevada in this collectible Squash Blossom necklace. Handmade by Diné silversmith Lydia Begay.

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Price: $2,400.00

Availability: Out of stock

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Twisted wire metalworking is a very old technique used by many Southwestern tribes. It can be found in both vintage and modern pieces.

Seen frequently throughout Native American jewelry, Sterling Silver "raindrops" are a traditional design element. They can be smooth and high polished or they can be starlike and oxidized. 

Meaning "crescent" in Navajo the Naja pendant can be traced across many cultures spanning from Native American to Greek. The Naja symbol can be seen in everything from jewelry to horse bridles and incorporates multiple meanings across many cultures. Typically found adorned Squash Blossom necklaces, Naja pendants can also be worn solo with beads or chains.

Chalcosiderite is the scientific name for New Lander from Nevada. New Lander is a beautiful hard material that takes a very good polish and comes in a range of colors that are very attractive in Southwest style jewelry. New Lander grows in the same areas where you will find turquoise in Nevada and is part of the turquoise mineral family. It can be confused with turquoise or variscite, but it is a classic stone in its own right. You will find modern and traditional Native American handmade jewelry made with New Lander. 

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Lydia Begay was born on the Navajo reservation town of Jeddito, in Arizona. Lydia is from the Red Water and Edge Water Clan, and she began silversmithing in her teenage years. Her father was a silversmith, and Lydia would watch him working as a child. Later she attended some classes on the reservation as well. Lydia loves what she does, and she respects her path in life.

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