Kingman Turquoise Cross Pendant FJP1719

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Kingman Turquoise
Thick Sterling Silver Kingman Turquoise cross hand-stamped with deep geometric designs with fixed bail by Diné silversmith Calvin Martinez.

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<p>Repouss&eacute; is a traditional Navajo jewelry making technique. In repouss&eacute;, the metal is softened and hammered by hand from the reverse side, to create the low-relief pattern on the front side of the piece. Calvin Martinez is a Navajo silversmith who is very popular in the Southwest for his intricate repouss&eacute; designs.</p>
<p>Stamping to decorate silver is a technique uniquely mastered by Din&eacute; silversmiths, who are renowned for their detailed stamp work. Stamps for making jewelry are made from steel or iron, and the hammering of deep stamping is strong physical work. Stamps are often unique to a specific artist, and may have been passed down through a family of silversmiths over many generations.</p>
<p>Blackened or oxidized Sterling Silver is sterling that has been darkened by a surface treatment process which does not change the properties of the Sterling Silver, but gives it the look of metal that has tarnished over time.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Calvin Martinez is a revival silversmith, creating classic, traditional styles of Navajo jewelry with his very personal designs which are heavily influenced by Native jewelry from over a century ago. He uses many of the old techniques, going so far as to shun commercially available sheet silver in favor of forged pieces where old or scrap silver is melted down into ingots, which is then hand rolled and hammered to the necessary thickness for each piece of jewelry. His efforts have won entry into the finest shows and galleries, as well as some of the most exclusive private collections worldwide. His many awards include First Place at the prestigious Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup, NM.

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