Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chandelier Necklace FJN1070

Length: 30"
Width: 6"
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chandelier Necklace by Navajo silversmith Emma Lincoln

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Price: $3,600.00

Availability: In stock

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A timeless style made with traditional Navajo jewelry making techniques by Diné silversmith Emma Lincoln from New Mexico, this Sleeping Beauty Turquoise necklace with cascading stones set in Sterling Silver, is a striking addition to any Native American jewelry collection. Sleeping Beauty Turqoise is one of the most recognizable of all North American turquoises. Beloved for its solid blue stone with no matrix, and ranging in color from bright royal blue to pale sky blue, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes out of the ground near Globe, AZ. As of today, the mine is closed for production, which has greatly increased the value of Sleeping Beauty stone in all forms.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chandelier Necklace
Emma was born in Brigham City, Utah, and raised in Vanderwagon, New Mexico. She began her silversmith work when she fifteen years old. Emma had a large family of 5 children, and when her husband passed, her talent for silver smithing provided for her family.Today, Emma lives in Gallup, New Mexico continues to provide traditional Diné style jewelry with her own designs for collectors in the Southwest & around the world.

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