White Buffalo & OxyBead© Necklace FJN1942

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: White Buffalo
Handstrung OxyBeads© with crisp and clean White Buffalo cabochons make this necklace both simple and stunning. Handmade by Diné silversmith Kathleen Chavez.

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Price: $2,100.00

Availability: In stock

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The trade name "White Buffalo" is used to identify this beautiful, unique stone that is mined out of Tonopah, Nevada. While not technically turquoise this hard stone grows in veins and cuts like turquoise. The black chert within the stone creates beautiful patterns, more expensive pieces can have an almost web-like matrix.

Sterling Silver OxyBeads© with oxidized finish have a luxurious weight and feel. Our sterling silver beads are often used by our artisans in their designs.

Southwestern fashionistas love OxyBeads© with turquoise, shell, stone or alone, layering with multiple strands or simple singles. The striking contrast of the oxidized Sterling Silver with polished Sterling being a traditional look in the Southwest. 

OxyBeads© are not to be confused with Navajo Pearls, which is a trade name used for handmade Sterling Silver beads created by traditional Navajo silversmiths. The making of these beads is a tradition often handed down through generations of silversmiths in a family. Navajo Pearls are an artform with the price tag of a collectible handmade item. You will find both OxyBead© and traditional handmade Navajo Pearl jewelry available for our wholesalers and individually identified. 

Sunwest Silver Co has an extensive line of sterling silver OxyBead© jewelry, which includes single and multiple-strand necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We specialize in customized designs for wholesale clients, and our beaded jewelry is made in-house right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Made in the USA

Kathleen Livingston Chavez was born in Church Rock, New Mexico. She was born on December 17, 1958. She currently resides in Church Rock, New Mexico with her husband Lorenzo Juan and works out of Gallup, New Mexico.She started to silversmith in 1974, making earrings, rings and bracelets. In 1994 she started to make unique designs that are higher end jewelry pieces, which she enjoys saying, “It is more fun to make because of the amount of thought and imagination you have to put in it.”

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