New Lander Pendant FJP0689

Length: 2 1/4"
Width: 1 1/4"
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: New Lander
New Lander pendant in traditional cluster style, by Navajo silversmith Bobby Johnson.

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Price: $330.00

Availability: In stock

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Chalcosiderite is the scientific name for New Lander from Nevada. New Lander is a beautiful hard material that takes a very good polish and comes in a range of colors that are very attractive in Southwest style jewelry. New Lander grows in the same areas where you will find turquoise in Nevada and is part of the turquoise mineral family. It can be confused with turquoise or variscite, but it is a classic stone in its own right. You will find modern and traditional Native American handmade jewelry made with New Lander.

Cluster jewelry is a style of arranging stones that has been used by Pueblo silversmiths for many generations. Clusters might be in rows, or organically arranging softer, natural stone shapes. It is a traditional style of Navajo jewelry.

Authentic Native American Handmade Jewelry

Bobby Johnson is from Church Rock, New Mexico. He began silversmithing in the early 70’s, under the tutelage of his older brothers and sisters, who are also expert silversmiths.Bobby’s love for turquoise & silver led him to choose his life’s work, and he continues to delight lovers of Native American jewelry with both his unique designs & traditional techniques.

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