Sonoran Beauty Turquoise Hair Pins FJBAR1645


Sonoran Beauty Turquoise from Mexico is stabilized turquoise. Stabilization is the process of hardening stone that is too soft to work with. The stone is heated at120-140 degrees and dries out until it contains no moisture. Then a hardening material is added and the stone is returned to the oven to set Most turquoise that is mined is softer,called ‘chalk’ in the industry, and must be stabilized to be cut and polished, whether it grows in veins or nuggets.  The majority of turquoise you see on the market has been stabilized.

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Turquoise: Sonoran Beauty Turquoise
Metal: Sterling Silver
Dragonfly hairpins with Sonoran Beauty Turquoise centerpieces. Great accents and a unique personal touch for everyone on your list!
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