Corn Maiden SWPP005

Width: 3"
Height: 8"
Stones: Turquoise, Coral, Mother of Pearl, Spiny Oyster Shell
Graceful and peaceful, this Corn Maiden carving by established Zuni artist Claudia Peina is adorned with turquoise, mother-of-pearl, spiny oyster shell and coral.

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Availability: In stock

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Claudia Peina is a well know Zuni fetish carver specializing in carving Zuni bears and corn maidens mostly from antler. Claudia is part of the Troy and Gabe Sice family. She learned the art of carving antler bear fetishes from her late brother, Colvin Peina.

The iridescent nacre coating found inside shells like abalone, spiny oyster and others is what we call Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl has historically been used in mosaic and jewelry inlay work and set in jewelry as cabochons. Mother of Pearl is a soft, feminine complement to the bold colors of Southwest fashion. 

Native American jewelry artists used coral in a variety of ways. Featured in inlay work, set in rough and natural forms, carved, cut into stunning cabochons, set with diamonds, turquoise, pearls, and almost any combination of the favorite Southwest gemstones. A favorite organic gemstones, red and pink coral are used extensively in Southwest jewelry styles. Red, pink and orange colors can all be found in contemporary and vintage Native American handmade jewelry. Always a great way to add a splash of color to your ensemble.

Southwest  styles are often popping with color. Spiny Oyster shell is often inlaid or used as cabochons and the color combination of Spiny Oyster and turquoise is as old as the human love for adornment.  Coming all the way from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Spiny Oyster shell is most commonly seen in orange, red and purple. The more strident the color, the more expensive the shell is.  Red and purple shells are found at much greater depth than the brilliant oranges, and are rare and more expensive. 

Authentic Handmade Native American Art

Shop the Santa Fe Style Collection for striking contemporary jewelry, handcrafted by artisans who draw on the rich history of the Southwest.

This collection features trending artists popular in the Four Corners and loved by locals here in New Mexico. The jewelry featured here is a fusion of traditional techniques, passed hand-to-hand across generations, and modern artistry.

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