Inlay Turquoise Yei Pendant SWPPEN0012

Length: 3"
Width: 2"
Stones: Carico Lake Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Coral, Picture Jasper, Sugilite
The traditional spirit diety Yei is represented here in intricate inlay with classic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Carico Lake Turquoise, sugilite, coral and picture jasper. Navajo silversmith Calvin Desson is considered to be one of the finest inlay artists, and his work is collected around the world.

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The word YEI (pronounced "yay") comes from "the Holy People" or Yeibicheii and refers to loving beings who contribute their healing energies to ceremonies and mediate between the People and Great Spirit. The Yei spirit is also related to the concept of Talking God who speaks on behalf of the other Holy People. Growling God, Black God and Water Sprinkler were the first four Holy People encountered by the Navajo. The meanings of Native American symbols can be broadly understood in simple terms but may differ amongst the Nations or cultures of the Native People.

Found near Globe, Arizona, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is easily one of the most recognizable North American turquoises. Due to its lack of matrix and brilliant, varying shades of blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is highly sought after. Sadly, the Sleeping Beauty mine closed in 2012 - causing both prices and demand to climb.

A staple addition to your Southwest fashion collection, Carico Lake Turquoise is also a collectible North American Turquoise with an astonishing color palette. Ranging from highly unique electric greens to sky blue; from teal to mossy, earthy greens. And rarely, a nugget with both earth and sky color. The highest grade Carico Lake Turquoise is gem-quality American turquoise. Originally known as Stone Cabin, and then Aurora #8, Carico Lake Turquoise has a colorful history for a dried-up lake bed in a remote part of Lander County. The mine has come to rest with the owner of Sunwest Silver Company, Ernest Montoya.

The romantic deep purple stone from the Kalahari Desert is very popular in Southwestern & Native American handmade jewelry, Sugilite is found only in South Africa, in places very deep inside the earth. Sugilite in all forms is hard to mine and not available in huge quantities, but gemmy sugilite, or gel sugilite, is translucent, and very expensive. Less than .05% of the stone mined is found to be the dark grape colored ‘gel’ material.

Native American jewelry artists used coral in a variety of ways.  Featured in inlay work, set in rough and natural forms, carved, cut into stunning cabochons, set with diamonds, turquoise, pearls, and almost any combination of the favorite Southwest gemstones. A favorite organic gemstones, red and pink coral are used extensively in Southwest jewelry styles.  Red, pink and orange colors can all be found in contemporary and vintage Native American handmade jewelry. Always a great way to add a splash of color to your ensemble.

Picture Jasper has been cherished the world over for its remarkable scenes and landscapes created by the patterns of inclusions. 

Authentic Native American Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

Calvin Desson was born in the early fall of the 1969 in Lupton, Arizona and spent his childhood there and in neighboring Sanders, Arizona. He now lives permanently in Lupton with his wife and children. A master of scenic and pictorial stone inlay jewelry, Calvin learned jewelry making techniques from nephew Allen Okee. By 1996, he was working with master inlay artist, Alvin Yellowhorse where he honed his technical skills for three years before venturing out on his own.Preferring pictorial work to geometric row work inlay. Calvin creates some of the most detailed scenic work imaginable. He enjoys the challenge of each new design, from images of the Four Corners landscapes and ceremonial figures of Native America to the haunting perfection of the stone faces of his inlay portraits.

Shop the Santa Fe Style Collection for striking contemporary jewelry, handcrafted by artisans who draw on the rich history of the Southwest.

This collection features trending artists popular in the Four Corners and loved by locals here in New Mexico. The jewelry featured here is a fusion of traditional techniques, passed hand-to-hand across generations, and modern artistry.

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