Persian Turquoise Ring SWPRING0026

Measurements: Size 8.5
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Persian Turquoise
You are sure to feel like royalty with this ring! Bright blue Persian Turquoise set against gorgeous handstamped Sterling Silver. Handmade by Diné silversmith Matthew Charley.

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Price: $1,125.00

Availability: In stock

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Also know as Neyshabur Turquoise this Turquoise is popular amongst collectors. For many centuries Persian Turquoise has been highly sought-after. Its intense blue color mimics that of the most brilliant blue skies. Known for this solid blue color its often found without any trace of green or brown tones.

Navajo silversmiths are renowned for their intricate, detailed stamp work, a style developed over many generations. Stamping is done by hand, and the stamps themselves are oftentimes unique to the artist or are handed down from generations of silversmiths.

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Shop the Santa Fe Style Collection for striking contemporary jewelry, handcrafted by artisans who draw on the rich history of the Southwest.

This collection features trending artists popular in the Four Corners and loved by locals here in New Mexico. The jewelry featured here is a fusion of traditional techniques, passed hand-to-hand across generations, and modern artistry.

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