Prince Turquoise Ring SWPRING0041

Measurements: Size 7
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Egyptian Turquoise
Prince Turquoise surrounded by deep hand-stamping and intricate starburst designs. Crafted by award-winning silversmith Leon Martinez.

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Price: $1,350.00

Availability: In stock

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Today's Egyptian Turquoise is still mined from the original, ancient mines of the Sinai Peninsula. Egyptian reverence for turquoise is evident in historical references and modern culture continues to honor the significance and sacred nature of turquoise. Egyptian turquoise was used by healers, royal families and is featured in some of the most iconic Egyptian artifacts known to humanity. Hardstone with rich color variations and strong red and golden matrixes, each stone is coming from the same mines that once supplied legendary Pharaohs and Kings. Sought after around the world, Egyptian Turquoise is favored by collectors and fashionistas alike. Sometimes referred to as Prince Turquoise.

Authentic Native American Jewelry

Leon Martinez is originally from Prewitt, New Mexico. He learned to silversmith at a young age. Well-known artists influenced him. His religion and prayers helped him advance making designs, which helped him perfect his craftsmanship. His goal is to make unique jewelry.

Shop the Santa Fe Style Collection for striking contemporary jewelry, handcrafted by artisans who draw on the rich history of the Southwest.

This collection features trending artists popular in the Four Corners and loved by locals here in New Mexico. The jewelry featured here is a fusion of traditional techniques, passed hand-to-hand across generations, and modern artistry.

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