Concho Belts

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7 Item(s)


Concho belts are a traditional Navajo style belt, and Sunwest Silver has some of the most unique and exquisite conchos in Albuquerque. Sunwest Silver constructs a flawless line of copper & nickel concho belts in a many styles and sizes. We can produce as many as you need, and they are made right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We can also work with you to manufacture conchos of your own custom design in order to fit your taste or brand.

Rooted in History

Concho belts are named after the Spanish word for shell, and has come to be known as a round or oval decorative piece of metal. The concha originated as hair ornaments of the Southern Plains tribes, and are also known as hair plates. The circular, smooth hair plates were strung on leather, animal hair, and cloth, and were made of brass, copper, and silver. They were worn in the hair and as belts by men and women, and were sometimes as long as six feet! The Navajo people acquired conchos from the Plains tribes through their trade networks, and after learning silversmithing from the Spanish, began to incorporate their stamping and repousse methods into the concho style. The concho belts of today are a beautiful stylistic symphony.

Enduring Design

Concho belts have become a popular fashion, and are a must-have item for any wardrobe. At Sunwest Silver, we are proud of our well-curated collection of conchos, and can ensure they are made to the highest standards.  We carry simple, yet stunning designs that are sure to meet your stylistic needs. Each belt is a statement piece, and will take any outfit to the next level. In addition, every belt is hand-crafted by a skilled artist and manufactured with care. Concho belts are a great way to applaud the elegance and artistry of Native American jewelry making, and adorn yourself with a small slice of history.

You can trust that you are getting a skillfully made, authentic concho belt at Sunwest Silver in Albuquerque, New Mexico.