Golden Hills Turquoise Necklace FJN2054


Stunning Golden Hills Turquoise arranged in a cluster pattern surrounded with artfully crafted hand-stamped details. Handmade by Dinè silversmith Eula Wylie. 

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Turquoise: Golden Hills Turquoise
Stones: Golden Hills Turquoise
Metal: Sterling Silver
Length: 19"

CLUSTER Used for many generations this style of arranging stones is common within Native jewelry. Clusters are typically arranged in a sunburst or "flower" pattern with smaller, evenly spaced stones encircling a larger center stone. However, clusters can also be random, showcasing the stones natural shapes.

STAMP WORK  Navajo silversmiths are renowned for their intricate, detailed stamp work, a style developed over many generations. Stamping is done by hand, and the stamps themselves are oftentimes unique to the artist or are handed down from generations of silversmiths.

GOLDEN HILLS TURQUOISE Unique periwinkle blues and beautiful burnt umber matrix have made this turquoise an instant favorite in the Southwest. Coming from the Altyn-Tyube mine in Kazakhstan, this hard, high-grade material produces gorgeous natural cabochons.

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