Sterling Silver Kokopelli Earrings FJE0896

Length: 1''
Width: 1/2''
Metal: Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Kokopelli earrings made using traditional overlay technique by Diné silversmith Irvin Gene.

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Availability: In stock

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<p>Overlay jewelry is a traditional Navajo jewelry making technique. The artist&rsquo;s design is cut and soldered onto another piece of metal that is the same size. The recessed areas are then oxidized, contrasting strongly with the high polish on the top layer of the design.</p>
<p>Blackened or oxidized Sterling Silver is sterling that has been darkened by a surface treatment process which does not change the properties of the Sterling Silver, but gives it the look of metal that has tarnished over time.<em>&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p>
<p>The first known images of Kokopelli appear on Hohokam pottery dated to sometime between 750 and 850 AD. The Kokopelli images have become recognizable around the world through the art of the Hopi people. As a fertility deity, Kokopelli presides over childbirth and agriculture. He is also said to be a trickster, and to represent the Spirit of Music.</p>

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

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