Hadnmade Sterling Silver Campitos Turquoise Pendant FJP2631


Elegant, elongated, Campitos Turquoise pendant nestled in sterling silver twisted wire by Navajo silversmith Mike Smith. 

Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Turquoise: Campitos Turquoise
Metal: Sterling Silver
Length: 1 3/4"

CAMPITOS TURQUOISE is derived from the Spanish word "campo" meaning "field" or "countryside". Mined in Mexico from the Pino Chueco and Cananea mines in Sonora, Campitos is a favorite for jewelry artisans. Campitos is unique in several ways. It grows in clay as free-form nuggets, rather than in veins typical of many North American turquoises. Its color resembles Sleeping Beauty Turquoise's color and ranges from light to medium blue with no matrix. Occasionally you may find pyrite inclusions, which give it a little bit of sparkle.

TWISTED WIRE metalworking is a very old technique used by many Southwestern tribes. It can be found in both vintage and modern pieces.


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